Correctional Projects


Our experience in local and county detention and correctional facilities has given the firm unique insight, not only to the building’s physical aspects, but also in understanding the emotional impact on the community. The prospect of building or renovating a detention facility can be an emotional catalyst. The courts continue to decree that standards must be met, while the general public believes that what few dollars are available should be spent on education, roads and other public services. We understand these problems and have worked with several local, county and state agencies who share the same difficulties.

Here are a few examples of our work.

Logan County Jail

Crawford County Detention Center

Ouachita County Jail

Pawnee County Jail

Robertson County Jail

White County Jail

Collierville Justice Center

Haywood County Detention Center

Washington County Juvenile Detention Center

Scott County Jail

Bedford County Jail

Collierville, Tennessee
134 W. South Street